Bluetooth Low Energy Hacking 101

Bluetooth Low Energy Hacking 101

Duration: one day (two sessions)

  • Wed 14th : $150: 0 spaces [ SOLD OUT ] (We may mix some free and paid sessions)
  • Thur 15th: Free: 10 spaces [ CLOSED ] (We may mix some free and paid sessions)


“Everything is better with Bluetooth.” - Dr Sheldon Cooper.

Most IoT manufacturers agree, it is better with bluetooth. So do us hackers ;-)

Course Outline

This course provides the student with a Bluetooth dongle, a VM and a target device. Kevin will take the students through an introduction and the in to a hands on workshop.


  • What is Bluetooth and how it works
  • Getting started
  • what hardware do you need
  • what software tools
  • Understanding of attacks
  • Getting information out
  • How to carry on beyond this session
  • And more…

Basic programming knowledge, but not essential. A willingness to learn.

Software Requirements: Virtual Box, Attack VM will be supplied by Kevin

Hardware Requirements: Laptop capable of running a VM and a couple of spare USB ports.