16th-17th November 2018 Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand.

CFP closes: 31 August for first announcement
21 September final announcement

Welcome to the end of this epoch, and the buffer overrun of the next. It is the year 2038 C.E. and we have traded convenience for autonomy. Many security researchers have been subsumed into the cortical stack rankings at one of the many Fonterra-Zespri subsidiaries. Down in the twisting mazes under the milk tanks, renegades with questionable personal hygiene skulk in mirror shades. Illicit fibre optic vines steal sunlight and data for secret arboretums, green with unlicensed biomes. Nootropics and heirloom sheep ovum are traded in dark alleyways.

Machine cults flourish; cathedrals are built to the greater glory of human-machine hybrids, altars lit by the splintered colours of translucent solar panels. They recruit among the disaffected of the upper levels, promising true changes that can only come when the disenfranchised rise.

If you are here, then you have followed the white alpaca through the warrens. We congratulate you for your persistence and dedication. To determine your niche in our machine ecology, enter all relevant information into one the following dataforms.

You know this dystopian universe like the back of your haptic glove. You can glide through the data structures like a shark. Submit your presentation, events, and indoctrination program here.

Ideas swirl through your head like a drone swarm, but you can’t master that swarm like a true rigger. Let us help. Submit to our experimental call for presentations here. We can’t promise anything, but we will try and boost your WIS a little bit.

Punk ain’t dead as long as you live. You prefer to challenge authority through other means. Submit your variety show ideas and picture of your garden here.