Following your registration of interest, you have been assigned a position in the Infranetics 2038 internship programme.

Our expert systems have classified you as suitably capable of performing entry-level security work and of sufficient moral character to enter this programme immediately.
This preliminary analysis will be confirmed over the course of your 180 day trial period.

As a security intern at Infranetics your duties will include testing (and approving) internal products so they can be released on time, monitoring our competitors to preserve our market majority, and such technical duties such as you prove capable of performing.

As New Zealand's number one human enhancement provider, the work you do for Infranetics will directly improve the wellbeing of all New Zealanders, support the local economy, and provide valuable exportable IP.

We have a fantastic corporate culture, which you will be expected to integrate in to and comply with at all times. Basic implants required to perform your duties will be provided to all new hires. Candidates with uncertified implants will not pass medical assessment, and are advised to withdraw.


Competitors require:

  • A computer you can manage/install software on.

  • Ethernet (absolutely required, bring a USB adapter if not built-in)

  • WiFi enabled device

Please note that this is not entirely a traditional Jeopardy CTF.
We have chosen to prioritise creating an enjoyable challenge for a wide range of abilities, and highly competitive teams may find the format unexpected.