General Availability Tickets Sold Out

General Availability Tickets Sold Out

Sept. 6, 2018 5:28 p.m.

The initial pool of 1800 tickets has, in less than three days, sold out (which is utter madness). We have 300 in reserve, but we're taking a pause to figure out how we're going to manage distributing those equitably. 

If you have a corporate bulk-purchase ticket (i.e. we've already invoiced your employer, and they've given you a DISCOUNT CODE to use on the site) we're holding tickets for you, so don't worry. You still need to complete the registration process here, but you'll recieve instructions on how to do this from them. 

We'll put up some kind of waiting list sign-up process soon, but yknow, we've all got day jobs we're supposed to be doign right now, so check back in a day or two, or follow @kiwicon on twitter for real-timey-ness. 

Thanks for your support, we're rather :O and humbled at how much y'all missed us. 

The Kiwicon Crüe