Cyberpunk's Not Dead

Cyberpunk's Not Dead

Sept. 3, 2018 7:48 p.m.

It is the year 2038AD. The dystopic cyberpunk future has well and truly set in; high tech multinationals transcend the authority of nation states, and autonomous drones commit extra-judicial killings based on metadata. Artificial intelligences and machine learning dominate decision making. The algorithm is all. The algorithm can never be questioned.

Wearable computers and ubiquitious encryption emancipate ideas. Simultaneously, people are disenfranchised in a post-capitalist feudal nightmare. The planet cooks for proof-of-work while the glittering towers of imaginary unending economic growth climb ever towards the starless, polluted skies.

(it's good this is just cheap cyberpunk science-fiction trope ripoff scene setting, otherwise it'd be grim af...)

Kiwicon 2038 is here. Friday 16 and Saturday 17 November 2018 in the Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington. There'll be the usual set of training and other shindigs going on around the con, details of which will emerge like the data-chip from your deck. 

Ticket sales begin... now (the first thousand anyway, let's see how long those last eh?). 

See you at the 'con, console cowboys,


The Kiwicon Crüe

P.S. Wondering about the weird background pictures? So we (okay, it was pruby) uhh - for serious, not making this up - trained a machine learning neural net on a bunch of cyberpunk cityscapes, then had it grind up a rather non-trivial amount of GPU cycles cyberpunkify-ing metl's daytime photos of Wellington...